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Trauma cleaning

You may think that trauma cleaning is provided by the police or an emergency response team. Unfortunately, finding a trauma cleaning professional is down to the business, property owner or individual involved. At Vestis Cleaning Solutions, we have over 10 years experience and can provide a compassionate service for all involved to ensure we get the best outcome. Contact our team today.

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We can help you decontaminate your property

Our trauma cleaning and trauma scene management service consists of deep cleaning and safely removing contaminates from a commercial or domestic property in the aftermath of a traumatic event. We are equipped to clean all trauma scenes, ranging from natural deaths to suicide.

Cleaning up blood and pathogens

The contaminates we deal with are primarily blood or bodily fluids, and these can include a variety of infectious and potentially harmful pathogens. These can include HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C, and Tuberculosis, although these harmful bacteria are not visible.

At Vestis Cleaning Solutions, it is our aim to provide you with a quick response and thorough trauma clean when it’s required. We're extremely diligent in the process of completing trauma cleaning for our clients and always ensure that you are safe from any harmful hazards. Whatever the trauma, it is undoubtedly a difficult situation for our clients. With our years of experience in trauma cleaning, we will act quickly to minimise your stress and provide a deep clean on the premises.

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Bio fogging

Bio fogging is an effective way to disinfect surfaces and remove air-bourne contaminants. As the machine produces a fine mist, it can even clean hard to reach areas, leaving them safely sanitised and clear from germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses. Get in touch to arrange a free quote.

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